We pride ourselves on sharing scratch family recipes, while creating new rustic favorites each year.

Yes, there may be faster paths to juicy, smoked perfection - but we take no short cuts.

So follow your nose toward the distinct scent of a roaring fire.

The coals are ready, & we hope you can join us!

We've bottled up some of our Secret BBQ Sauce For You To Take Home & Enjoy w/ Your Family!

We're proud to offer you, 3 of Our full American BBQ Sauces for sale at the restaurant. Sweet Cinnamon, Chipotle & Hellfire! With Sweet Cinnamon as the baseline, the heat & pepper flavor goes up with Chipotle, & Hellfire. 15 years ago, Cody made Cinnamon Chipotle & that's what kicked all these sauces off that we offer today. It's amazing to see the recipes come to life! The Hellfire is not for the faint of heart... it will set your mouth on fire!

Wood BBQ
Cody Wood - Owner
6852 Taylor Rd
Sauk City, WI 53583
Tel: 608-370-7366
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Wood's Hellfire American BBQ Sauce