Owner, Cody Wood comes from a large family. His father Myron is the middle child of nine, born to Maynard & Delores. 


After a long career at Madison Coca-Cola, Maynard “retired” & the couple purchased a supper club, 'Wood’s Riverside Inn' of Sauk City (the current location of Green Acres Restaurant). Dolly perfected her own recipes - preparing soups, salads & desserts daily. After 13 years of serving the community, the successful restaurant was sold. 


Woody & Dolly’s children eventually grew & started families of their own, leading to 22 grandkids & 28 great grandchildren (an ever growing number). Gathering around the grill for a flame seared meal has remained a constant tradition between generations. 


In the Fall of 2001 Cody attended Culinary school. While attending school Cody worked at a couple local supper clubs & restaurants in the area, honing his culinary craft. In the background of working & going to school, Cody found his true love of grilling & BBQ’n for friends. In 2001 Cody asked his Dad, Myron Wood to help build the first BBQ smoker. Cody promised dad that one day, this love of BBQ would give them a chance to open their own place & get dad off the road as a 4.5 million mile Semi Driver for good. 


As the years went on Cody & Myron built more smokers together. They practiced their BBQ craft at local BBQ Contests, on family members & on friends. Soon the hobby turned serious when Cody built a catering kitchen in 2009. In 2010 Cody teamed up with family friends Steve & Sue Schroeder, & began selling BBQ on Sunday’s at their country bar Steve’s Arboretum. As the years went on selling out on Sunday’s soon began a norm. In 2016 Cody held his promise, called Dad & told him to park the truck we’re opening up a BBQ restaurant. April 2016 Wood BBQ Restaurant & Catering was open for business. After a couple of hard years in the Sauk City restaurant location Cody and Myron decided to return to their roots of just catering, Sunday Bar-B-Q, special events and running their food trailer. Check our Facebook page for current details and locations!


Wood BBQ carries on this family tradition by preparing meats in a drum style, charcoal rotisserie grill, & serving each with scratch made sides. It is our honor to continue the Wood family legacy by serving your family & friends.

A True Wisconsin Family Tradition