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Owner, Cody Wood comes from a large "restaurant family". His dad Myron is the middle child of nine, born to Maynard & Delores Wood. After a long career at Madison Coca-Cola, Cody's grandpa Maynard “retired” & the couple purchased a supper club, 'Wood’s Riverside Inn' of Sauk City (the current location of Green Acres Restaurant). Cody grew up watching his culinary hero (grandma Dolly) perfect her own recipes - preparing dinners, soups, salads & desserts daily. After 13 years of serving the community, the successful restaurant was sold. 


In the Fall of 2001 Cody attended Culinary school. While attending school Cody worked at a couple local supper clubs & restaurants in the area, honing his culinary craft. In the background of working & going to school, Cody found his true love of grilling & BBQ. In 2001 Cody asked his Dad to help build the first BBQ smoker. Cody promised dad that one day his love of BBQ would give them a chance to open their own place & get dad off the road as a 4.5 million mile Semi Driver for good. 


As the years went on Cody & Myron built more smokers together. They practiced their BBQ craft at local BBQ Contests on family and friends. Soon the hobby turned serious when Cody built a catering kitchen in 2009. In 2010 Cody teamed up with family friends Steve & Sue Schroeder, & began selling BBQ on Sunday’s at their country bar Steve’s Arboretum. As the years went on selling out on Sunday’s soon began a norm. In 2016 Cody held his promise, called Dad & told him to park the truck we’re opening up a BBQ restaurant. April 2016 Wood BBQ Restaurant & Catering was open for business. After 3 years in a hard Sauk Prairie restaurant environment Cody decided to close the restaurant and return to his licensed BBQ catering kitchen.

Now Wood BBQ focuses on catering, doing BBQ dinner pick ups, special events, BBQ contests and running their food trailer.


Check our Facebook page for current details and locations!


A True Wisconsin Family Tradition

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